Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching is a branch of Life Coaching specializing in working with people in recovery from addiction.

Recovery Coaches work with smoking cessasion, weight-loss and over- or under-eating, drinking, gambling problems, drugs, relationships, etc.

Recovery Coaching works as well for clients in 12 step Programmes as it does for clients who choose different pathways to Recovery.

Differences Between a Recovery Coach, A Consellor and a Sponsor

A Recovery Coach does not work on the past but works together with you on your present and your future. A Recovery Coaching client is able to identify a goal that is not just primarely emotional like "wanting to stop being depressed" but is able to have and want to work towards a goal like changing career, go through a life transition without using, setting up a business, etc.

Counselling refers to giving advice, which coaches rarely do. In counselling the counsellor is the expert; in Coaching the client is the expert about his or her own life. A coaching client is healthy and competent enough to relate to the coach as a partner and not an expert.

A Sponsor comes from a 12-step programme such as Overeaters Anonymous.

A Sponsor is not a paid professional as a Recovery Coach is, because a Sponsor benefits personally from the relationship in order to stay clean and abstinent.

A sponsor is not professionally qualified to help and is limited to using the 12 steps as a way to recover whilst the Recovery Coach has a vast Coaching toolkit to help the client.

Recovery Coaches are not affiliated to 12-step Programmes but many Recovery Coaches are actively involved in 12-step Programmes of Recovery.

By hiring a Recovery Coach such as Liana Salvucci you will be able to get personal, entreprenerial and business coaching without having to explain what it means being in Recovery and what that means for you on a day to day life.




Liana brings a positive and realising approach to identifying goals, and creating objectives, both for the purpose of helping individuals and organisations

Liana's positive and pro-active approach, together with her Coaching expertise enables her to be of substantial support to her clients in achieving their full potential, and transforming their vision into reality