Food Addiction & Eating Disorder

Food Addiction & Eating Disorder

The Coaching Program

The coaching focuses on action and there are five main components to the Recovery Coaching program.

The Current Reality

Before our session I ask you to fill in a Lifestyle Questionnaire, including a Weight History and Body Image chart, so that I understand where you are with your Food issues and what stage of recovery you are in.

During our first session we will clarify what you want to achieve out of coaching and we would make a plan to strategize how to get there.

We establish short, medium and long term goals regarding food and other areas of your life so that I can help you prioritize and identify where you want to start from.

We will use the TOTE model (NLP technique) to visualize you achieving your goal and to see whether that would feel right for you.

I would also give you a Fast track Recovery Coaching Workbook to fill in, in order to indentify other major areas you need to work on. Such workbook includes the Wheel of Life and other coaching questionnaires to help you get more clarity and focus on what needs to be addressed in your life.

The Road Map

Next we start working on your goal.

We will use specific techniques to see how motivated you are to work towards that goal and to increase motivation if necessary with techniques such as Decisional Balance Sheet, Modelling, Anchoring and many more techniques according to your needs.

We may also find out you want to change goal altogether because coaching has help you to realize that what you want is something completely different.

The Formula

Third, we use a process whereby we monitor the actions taken and see if there was any resistance to achieve your goals or any major blocks between your self and what you want to achieve.

I would use NLP techniques, such as Pattern Breaker to unblock resistance and move you forward. We will also use specific exercises to help you with your Body Image if that is also an issue.

We would also work on your Core Values to see how your goal matches with your goals and aspirations.

The Structure

From there we develop a system customised specifically to your unique way of operating to guide you towards achieving a life free from food. We will keep monitoring your progress or lack of progress in regards to your goal and start working on all other areas affected by such progress so that you achieve an optimum balance between health, recovery and work.

During each session I would ask you about your progress in Recovery with your previous permission.


Once you have fully implemented and understand your Roadmap, Formula and Structure, you will be able to use them to adjust more easily in any major life transitions.

We will evaluate your achievements, plan on how to celebrate them, and give yourself merit for them, before you move on to new challenges.

I will ask you to write a Future Letter about what your VISION of your future happiness is, so that you will know what you will be working towards, with me or on your own.




Liana brings a positive and realising approach to identifying goals, and creating objectives, both for the purpose of helping individuals and organisations

Liana's positive and pro-active approach, together with her Coaching expertise enables her to be of substantial support to her clients in achieving their full potential, and transforming their vision into reality